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Building and Razing Permit


Building Permit must be obtained from  the Clerk/Treasurer. You may reach her @ (920) 772-4055 for any new additions or remodeling.   A permit is needed for siding and windows, but not for roofs.  Any exterior structures require building permits examples: (Decks, Gazebo’s, Garages,).

Razing permit must be obtained from the Clerk/Treasurer.  A fee of $5.00 is charged for the removal of structure or moving a structure.  This makes certain that the assessor should remove the structure from the tax roll.

Before a Building Permit can be issued for a new home you must contact Manitowoc Planning and Park Commission 4319 Expo Drive Manitowoc, WI

 54221-0610 Telephone # (920) 683-4185.  Once completed then direct your call to  the Clerk/Treasurer @ (920) 772-4055 to direct you to our Town Building Inspector.

No Permit can be issued for properties bordering Long and Bullhead Lakes, or for Petermann’s woods unless previously approved by Manitowoc County Planning and Park Commission.  Variances can be obtained.


Driveway Culvert Permits

Culvert Permits are issued by Keith Brandes, Road Superintendent-Rockland Town Shop 615
 Milwaukee Street, Collins WI 54207 @ (920) 772-4474.


New House Numbers


Emergency ID Numbers  are obtained from  Supervisor Jack Schmeisser, , Collins, WI  Phone: 920-460-4120


Town of Rockland and Road Building Specs


  • All roads to be minimum 4 rod rite of way with 22 foot top and 3 foot shoulders.
  • All topsoil to be stripped from road bed.
  • Road bed sub grade to be crowned and ditched to provide proper drainage.
  • Base coarse to be 3” breaker run, compacted to place to 6” thick using graded stake method.
  • All stone to be crushed shot rock from a quarry.
  • Sub grade and ditches to be inspected by Town Board before the placement of any stone.
  • Pavement to be 2 ½’’ blacktop compacted to 2”.
  • Road to lie 1 year before paving.
  • Road to be topped with 4 inches of ¾’’ road gravel before paving.
  • 2 ½`-3` plus shouldering after blacktopping is completed.
  • Donation of Private Roads need to follow Ordinance 3.10.08.