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Tax bills are usually mailed out by the middle of December.  Property taxes can be paid at the Rockland Town Hall starting in December thru January 31st of the following year.  Tax collection hours are 9:00am till 2:00pm—Monday thru Wednesday—Closed Thursday and Friday.

You may also mail your property taxes to:

Town of Rockland
615 Milwaukee St
Collins, WI  54207

Make check payable to: Town of Rockland

If you want a receipt you must include a self-addressed stamped envelope with your property tax statement.

When you pay the taxes in 2 installments the second installment must be paid to the Manitowoc County Treasurer and sent to the County Court House.  Town of Rockland can not accept any 2nd installments or delinquent property taxes.

Personal Property taxes are to be sent to the Town of Rockland for all installments.  Again if you want a receipt you should include a self-addressed stamped envelope.  Delinquent Personal Property taxes will be assessed a penalty charge.




Dog licenses can be obtained at the Rockland Town Hall starting December 31 thru April 1st of the following year.  Hours for obtaining dog tags are 9:00am thru 2:00pm Monday thru Wednesday.  You must bring in your rabies inoculation papers (from the veterinarian).  You may also mail your inoculation papers and a check to:

Town of Rockland
615 Milwaukee Street
Collins, WI 54207

Make check payable to: Town of Rockland

You must send a self-addressed stamped envelope to receive your dog tags & inoculation papers back.

Dogs 5 months or older should be vaccinated and licensed.  License fees are $5.00 for a spayed female or a neutered male and $10.00 for an unsprayed female or unneutered male.  Anyone not licensing their dog before April 1 will be charged an additional late penalty fee of $25.00 per dog.  Make checks payable to the Town of Rockland.

If mailing in property taxes and dog license together you MUST write out 2 separate checks,

Each payable to the Town of Rockland.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Clerk/Treasurer @ 920-772-4055.



Affidavit of Death or Disposal of Dog — If your dog has passed away or been sold please fill out this form and mail it to me @: I'll notorize the affidavit when you return it to me.

Town of Rockland
615 Milwaukee St
Collins, WI 54207

or email the completed form to: