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On behalf of Collins Paradise Sno-Riders, we welcome you to Manitowoc County and to the Town of Rockland.

 Community of Collins population is about 150 people, but on a good weekend with snow and close proximity of the Manitowoc River, our population grows in numbers and snowmobiles during the winter!!

 Collins Paradise Sno-Riders was established in 1972.  Our club membership roster is currently at 55 families.  We maintain 34 miles of trails using ’94 Tucker Sno Cat’.  Our trails connect with many local clubs, county, and state trails which can be followed to get to any destination.

 Our club meets from October through April at various local establishments and also enjoys a Summer Party.  If you snowmobile, please join our club.  Dues are $20.00 for single membership and $25.00 for Family Membership.




collins paradise sno riders