Long Lake Advancement Association

long lake


The L.L.A.A. was formed in 1963 by cottage and land owners, and the main concern at that time was to control the large algae blooms that occurred in the summer.  We no longer control algae on Long Lake, but we are correcting the problem that causes algae to bloom.

 The association has applied for and received grants from the state for water quality, shoreline restoration and phosphorus control.  A grant was applied for to create a spawning ground for Northern Pike. At this time, Northern Pike do not spawn in Long Lake.  We buy Northern about every two years to maintain a balance of predator and pan fish in the lake.

We own two airator systems in Long Lake to control the oxygen in the winter time as needed.  Along with many other projects, such as checking for oxygen in Long Lake and other lakes, boat safety etc.

Membership is open to all cottage owners and land owners, and everyone living within one mile of Long Lake.

 ABOUT LONG LAKE: Almost one and a half mile long, this 117 acre lake is located on the western part of the Town of Rockland.  It is the second largest lake in Manitowoc County.  There is a county park with a boat launch and a fishing pier on the northeast side of the lake.  Fishing for Crappies, Perch, Bluegills, Yellow Bass, Northern and Bass is popular in summer and winter.