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( For Valders Ambulance services in the Town of Rockland Dial 911)

The purpose of the Collins 1st Responder Organization is to provide a system and protocol that results in consistent and professional patient care.

 Individual 1st Responder requirements are:  Any Resident or Person employed within the Collins Fire District or Surrounding Vicinity,  approval by the current Collins 1st Responder members, eighteen years of age or older, valid driver’s license, successful completion of a 1st Responder or basic EMT course, and current CPR and Defib status.

New members shall be responsible for the 1st Responder class expenses.  After completion of one year of service, members shall be reimbursed the money spent on the initial course.  Refresher courses are required every two years and will be paid for by the 1st Responder Unit.  Hepatitis B Vaccinations received by new members will be paid for by the Collins 1st Responders.

Meetings and practical’s are held the first Wednesday of every month @ 7:00 P.M.  Unless otherwise planned.

For more information contact Jean Green @  920-901-9713