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The Town of Rockland is governed by a Town Chairperson and 2 supervisors (ward 1 & 2)  Elected officials are:  Town Chairperson, 2 Supervisors, and the Town Constable.  Elections are held every 2 years in the odd numbered years, i.e. 2015.  Appointed personnel are the Clerk/Treasurer and the Deputy Clerk/Treasurer.  A Road Superintendent is hired by the Board.

Board meetings are open to the public, unless otherwise posted.  The meetings are held the second Monday of the month @ 7:00 P.M. in the Rockland Town Hall @ 615 Milwaukee Street, Collins, WI 54207.  Agendas for the meeting and all other announcements are posted at the Town Hall Outdoor bulletin, the Post Office and the Collins State Bank bulletin board.  The Valders Journal reports on the Town Board meetings.  Elections are also held in the Town Hall.

Current Officers and appointed personnel are:


Rosie Geiger
Phone:  920-901-3249


Tim Thor
Phone:  920-772-4435

Michael Havlinek
Phone:  920-772-4270


Dan Benter
Phone: 920-772-4261


Paula C. Winkel
Phone:  920-772-4055

Road Superintendent:

Keith Brandes
Phone: 920-973-0569

             Town Hall Office Hours:

Monday thru Wednesday  9:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M.
Closed Thursday & Friday


Town of Rockland
615 Milwaukee St
Collins, WI  54207


Web Site:

Phone:       920-772-4055

Fax:           920-772-3055