Winter Road Maintenance & Snow Removal



TOWN OF ROCKLAND SNOW REMOVAL POLICY of 2010-11  Whereas the Town of Rockland has decided to contract for snow removal on private roads and driveways.  A snowplowing agreement and contract is available to Town of Rockland citizens IF they want the town to do snow removal  in their  driveways.  A pre-inspection (cost $30.00) is to be completed before November 1st.  This pre-inspection is mandatory.  The fee charged for snow removal is $30.00 for 1/2 hour, after which a fee of $1.50 per minute is charged.  The fee for the use of the grader for snow removal is $90.00/Hr.  A pre-inspection and contract can be obtained from the Road Superintendent or the Clerk.  Whereas also in all cases of emergencies snow removal will take place. 

PRIORITY ROUTES:  When there is an accumulation of 3 or more inches there will be 3 routes of snow removal simultaneously.

USE OF SALT & SAND:  Mixture will be used at intersections, hills, and railroad crossings as road superintendent sees fit according to conditions.


Pre-Inspection and a contract are needed for plowing a driveway.  Sand & salt service will be a charge of $30.00 for each time the service is provided, $1.50 for each additional minute after 30 minutes of service. Contact Road Superintendent at the Rockland Town Shop @ 920-772-4474.

Notice, also, that the Town is not responsible for damage to mail boxes.





The practice of leaving piles or ridges of snow on public highways after plowing private driveways or parking lots creates a hazard for the traveling public and creates a problem for our road plowing operation.  In case of an accident due to these piles of snow you could be held liable for personal injury or damage to vehicles.  To alleviate this problem the Town of Rockland would ask property owners to store snow from private properties on private property for everyone’s safety.

It is illegal for any person to leave deposits of any type materials on highways under Wisconsin Statutes, 86.01, 86.07, & 346.94(5).   The Town of Rockland  must report all violations to the proper authorities and you may be liable for a forfeiture of up to $200.00.  We request and appreciate your cooperation regarding this matter.